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Happy Holidays

While we weren’t able to make out to our lovely vacation home at Seabrook this year, it is so exciting to see Seabrook growing, changing and making memories for so many families. Take a look back through memory lane in this beautiful video Seabrook produced.

As for our family, we are happy, healthy and growing and hoping to make it to Seabrook at least once this year! My brother had a new baby so we can’t wait to bring the cousins to Seabrook for fun and laughter.

15464793992_0f48e54929_bHappy holidays from our family to yours.

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Guest Family Shares Photos

We were so delighted when our second family of the year shared photos of their stay in the Bramble Berry House at Seabrook. Yay!

Enjoying the Seabrook beach.

Enjoying the Seabrook beach.

Like many first-time visitors, they were taken by the charming appearance and the idyllic entrance. Seriously; doesn’t this look like it could be a little Nantucket village?

Entrance to Seabrook

Entrance to Seabrook

Of course, when they got inside the town, they quickly realized the rest of the town far exceeded the initial charming view. From the pool:

The Pool at Seabrook

The Pool at Seabrook

to the amazing hiking, biking, walking and skipping trails:

Walking Paths at Seabrook

Walking Paths at Seabrook

to the playground just a 2 minute walk from The Bramble Berry House:

Playground at Seabrook

Playground at Seabrook

There is a lot to keep everyone, even the littlest visitors, busy and happy at Seabrook.

Valentine kids at Seabrook

Valentine kids at Seabrook

Thanks for sharing your photos with us and we hope you come back and enjoy Seabrook, and The Bramble Berry House, again!

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Family Fun at Seabrook

Though our family has been busy expanding, we’ve been so happy to see other families enjoying all the fun that Seabrook has to offer.

Bramble Berry House Living Room

The Bramble Berry House is one of the only homes in all of Seabrook that has a private fire pit.

Bramble Berry Fire Pit

And of course, who doesn’t love a barbeque? Fun fact: there is so much use of the barbeque at the Bramble Berry House that the barbeque has to be replaced every 2 years. You guys really enjoy your grilling!

The Grill in Action

One of the latest addition to the Bramble Berry House though? It’s a doozy.

Adult Trike!

Yes, that’s right. An adult tricycle … this is exactly what you need for going to the Market or hauling back driftwood from the beach.

Chee family, thank you for sharing your photos. We are so glad you enjoyed the Bramble Berry House at Seabrook.

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New Addition to the Bramble Berry House Family

It’s been a while since I was able to post … mostly because we haven’t been able to get away to the seaside and enjoy the wonderful, idyllic Seabrook. And why you ask? Well … just one very little reason:

Happy Family

We have been extremely happy and focused on our expanded family. Jamisen, Lily’s older brother, is just starting to get used to his baby sister but she’s around for all of his big adventures. We tell them they are ‘Team Jilly’ (Jamisen + Lily) and hope that they grow up being the best of friends.

Team Jilly

In the midst of all of this, Chris trained for, and completed, a triathlon.

Chris Rockin’ the Finish Line

We have been so happy that the Bramble Berry House has been filled all summer though. It’s great to see families enjoying lovely Seabrook and we know that we’ll be there soon enough … as soon as baby sister Lily can go longer than 2 hours without eating.

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Beach Fun


Things to always bring to the beach? At the minimum, a plastic shovel and a plastic bucket (even a paper latte cup or in this case, an ice cream cup from the Seabrook Market will do).


Always bring a pair of extra pants for little kids. They inevitably get wet and sandy and with a 5 minute walk back to the house, it can get awfully chilly.


Enjoy the beach – dress in layers – and be prepared to feel the amazing pull of the wide, wide ocean and beyond. It is awe-inspiring for kids and adults of all ages.

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Attic in Bramble Berry House


There’s a hidden attic in the Bramble Berry House at Seabrook. The pull down ladder is on the first floor, right by the bathroom. It’s ideal for rainy days or rambunctious kids.

August 2012

Of course, we recommend parental supervision for younger kids. Even with this latch, safety is always every parents’ first thought.


There are balls, trikes, a giant tic-tac-toe game and a little crawling tent.


There’s even a race track, complete with traffic cones for bigger kids. For the little guys, there are always bouncy balls.

August 2012

We hope that you have as much family fun in the hidden attic as we do when we visit.

August 2012

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Settling In

One of the wonderful things about Seabrook is the walkability of the town. Casey and the town designers have thoughtfully planned everything so you can reach every major point of interest within a 5 minute walk. This means there are very few cars on the road – and, it’s easy to walk down the middle of the street like these two happy boys. This is right outside of the Bramble Berry House.
August 2012

The Bramble Berry House is right by the playground (yay!), close to the wonderful trail to the beach (right by the Fair and Gnome town scenes) and two streets over from the new pool. This is on the way to the new pool (perfect for families). The seashell pathways add a nice touch of authentic seatown feel and the weathered picket fences? The most authentic seaside touch ever. Nicely designed, Seabrook, nicely designed.


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Seabrook Beach Photos

Seabrook has quite possibly the most gorgeous beach in all of the Pacific Northwest.

August 2012

It is the perfect place to let a little 16 year old toddler run around. The beach is so smooth that he can easily run around. He could spend hours there, content and laughing.

August 2012

The sand is soft and fine-grained. With all the little sand-digging creatures (gooey ducks? clams?) spouting water up and down the beach, the driftwood, and small shells, it is an ideal family beach. We love Seabrook!

August 2012

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High Chair Replaced

We were so sad to learn that the vintage space-saving, small high chair at the Bramble Berry House broke (insert sad face here). This is the new one we replaced it with. It’s not as kitschy cool as the old one (sigh) but it does the trick of folding up and storing completely flat. Jamisen is loving some Seabrook corn (thank you Market for keeping grocery prices affordable!).


We also left a sippy cup in the cupboard for anyone that shows up without one. We have been there, done that and can sympathize.

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Accent Pieces Spiff Up

We added some extra accent pieces to the house – just to give a bit more comfort (especially to our lovely window seat). We love the look of the sea-inspired pillows and think they work beautifully in the house.

Fun, colorful coral explosion

Fun, colorful coral explosion

Pillow from Pottery Barn

Pillow from Pottery Barn

We also got new napkins for the table. They match the pillow from Pottery Barn to help make the house look more connected from room to room. We hope these extras make the home more comfortable and more destination-themed for all of our visitors.

Cloth napkins for the sea

Cloth napkins for the seaside home

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