Posted by: brambleberryhouse | February 8, 2011

New Baby Gate

We’ve added a new baby gate into our ‘hidden secret’ attic. It’s a fully functional attic, complete with insulation, windows, plug ins and a sign-off by the inspector but we haven’t been certain what we’re going to do with it. No matter what we decide, we know we want it to be safe though!

Chris made this baby gate by hand. He’s an engineer by trade so it was fun for him to make and install this very sturdy custom piece.

We’re thinking of painting a race track on the floor and putting a couple small little trikes up there … or we could put a fun DVD/TV combo to make it a slumber party area. If you have any ideas, let us know! =)



  1. Hi there! I am happy to see a baby gate being installed! I think the attic space would be perfect for a pre-teen/teen hang out. I like the idea of open space to play games and lay out sleeping bags etc!
    I am heading to your home tomorrow and we are bringing our 22 month old. Can you confirm you have a working pack-n-play and a high chair? We want to verify that we do not need to bring ours from home.
    Thanks! We look forward to staying in your lovely house!

  2. Hi Meredith,

    Thanks for your note! We’re excited to have you stay at our house.

    We have this very fun idea of painting a race track’ish upstairs in the ‘secret’ attic and yes, pre-teens would be so happy up there.

    A 22 month old – congrats! We’re expecting our first child right now. =)

    The Pack ‘n’ Play was fully working when we were there 3 weeks ago. And the high chair is fully working though is not the big cushy plastic Cadillac high chair that most homes have now. It’s a nifty cool throwback to the high chairs our parents probably sat in but it does the job. =) They are both in the baby room closet.

    Additionally, there is another set of stairs in the house that has a baby gate that is mounted into the wall. The actual baby gate to put up is also in the Kid’s Room closet. You just need to slot it in and it’s a lovely deterrent to crawling downstairs.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for choosing our home =)


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