Posted by: brambleberryhouse | September 15, 2011

Yay! Seabrook Vacay Time

We took off for a little R&R to the Bramble Berry House – and we’re already lovin’ it even though we just got here today! The weather just turned (notice the full ski jacket) but it’s going to be bliss to have Jamisen all to ourselves for a whole entire week.

Sept 2011 Seabrook

We brought a large library of books for our aspiring reader.

Sept 2011 Seabrook

This was not intentional but how funny is it that Jamisen’s sleepytime outfit blends perfectly with the Pack’n’Play crib that we have at the Bramble Berry House for other families with kids. We sure are lucky that we have it here because packing one would have really stretched our car to the max. =)

Sept 2011 Seabrook

Jamisen’s favorite toy remains Sophie his giraffe. Check out this big grin as he sees his best friend.

Sept 2011 Seabrook

I think this photo is hilarious – stripes on stripes on stripes. The reason that there are two carpets is because we are replacing the carpet in the living room to keep things looking new, fresh and fabulous for our fun renters who honor us by spending their vacation time in our home.

Sept 2011 Seabrook

When we got here, we were so happy to find Seabrook Maintenance in the home touching up paint! It saved us quite some time and the house looks good as new! We have a couple things that we’ve added that I’ll be photographing and blogging about over the next few weeks and plans to add a backsplash in the kitchen by the stove (hello oil splatter!). I can’t wait to tell you about it all over the next month … ish. =)


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