Posted by: brambleberryhouse | September 25, 2011

Seabrook Memories

We received Sophie, the giraffe, from our good friends David Syre and Becci Camp and so far, she is Jamisen’s favorite toy. She goes EVERYWHERE, even to Seabrook, with him. There are so many hand holds for him to grab onto.

Sept 2011

On our trip to the coast, Jamisen had a place of honor at the table (that’s Grandma Faiola with us for our meal):

Sept 2011

Whoah! First time in a high chair – and it’s not even a new-fangled high chair – it’s an old style one. It’s so wonderfully compact and the coloring is ideal for the Bramble Berry House. He was so excited to have a tray that kept his toys! That is, until he realized he could throw them off the tray and watch Mommy get them for him (over and over and over again).

Sept 2011

Look closely, you can see a lice on this amazing Norsk hat from our overseas relatives. This is apparently ‘da bomb in Norway and many stores are sold out. All we know is that it kept Jamisen’s head warm on our Seabrook neighborhood walks AND we thought he looked adorb in it:

Sept 2011

The happiest, most lucky family in the entire world:

Sept 2011

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