Posted by: brambleberryhouse | October 8, 2011

Beach Time

Sept 2011 025We do love our beach time at Seabrook! Jamisen took everything in, wide eyed and safe in Daddy’s arms.

Sept 2011 022

The view from the stairs, looking into a beautiful ocean and stunning waves.

Sept 2011

We were so lucky to see this entire flock of birds by the water. They got spooked (not by us, I swear) and took off. It was breathtaking.

Sept 2011

The beach was beautiful for us. We loved walking and seeing happy families playing on the beach. There was one family that had a very cute little boy (below) who picked up this HUGE pile of seaweed to deposit it at his Daddy’s feet. It made us smile, tenderly, thinking of Jamisen and what he’ll be doing next time we visit Seabrook!

Sept 2011


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