Posted by: brambleberryhouse | December 26, 2011

Baby’s First Christmas


Jamisen’s first Christmas was a memorable occasion for us all. We started our holiday weekend with Christmas Eve service (which was really a morning service coupled with a delicious brunch) at Grandma and Grandpa Faiola’s Church. I have never seen potatoes prepared so many ways than at that brunch! Jamisen was happy and had such an easy going attitude the entire time. He was passed around from person to person and he was sure to favor them all with smiles and drool. There were two childrens’ stories and he sat patiently through both of them.

My creation

It was a very special Christmas for Jamisen. Santa chose our house to make a personal appearance! Just check out the look on his face as he sees the jolly man in the red suit – it’s a mixture of terror, wonder and curiosity. That blur at Santa’s feet? That’s nephew dog Toby, protecting his family against the intruder. We were thankful for his 38 pounds of ferociously adorable protection.

My creation

He warmed up plenty quickly to our honored visitor. He especially appreciated the gifts that the red-suited man doled out. He became quite adept at unwrapping and loved to play with the paper of each gift.


Between his two sets of Grandparents, Jamisen is going to be the best dressed little boy in all of Bellingham. Chris and I are thankful for the love and support of our family, both during the holidays and as we continue our new role as parents.


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