Posted by: brambleberryhouse | March 12, 2012

Swim Time at the Pool


Though we flunked swim classes (no really, we did flunk Baby Parent Swim Classes; it’s possible), Jamisen delights in the water. We were so thankful to have some Grandparent reinforcements at the Seabrook Swimming Pool to help out with some remedial swim lessons. We might just have a chance of passing next time!


Yay Grandpa Faiola! We are sure with his extra help, Jamisen is sure to pass his next series of swim lessons.


He even got his first taste of the hot tub. Oooooooh! Warm!


Someone is looking pretty delighted (and seriously, how adorable was that little barrel tummy?!) with his swim time. Thanks Grandpa! And, thank you Casey and Seabrook for building such a wonderful, family friendly pool!


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