Posted by: brambleberryhouse | September 24, 2013

Family Fun at Seabrook

Though our family has been busy expanding, we’ve been so happy to see other families enjoying all the fun that Seabrook has to offer.

Bramble Berry House Living Room

The Bramble Berry House is one of the only homes in all of Seabrook that has a private fire pit.

Bramble Berry Fire Pit

And of course, who doesn’t love a barbeque? Fun fact: there is so much use of the barbeque at the Bramble Berry House that the barbeque has to be replaced every 2 years. You guys really enjoy your grilling!

The Grill in Action

One of the latest addition to the Bramble Berry House though? It’s a doozy.

Adult Trike!

Yes, that’s right. An adult tricycle … this is exactly what you need for going to the Market or hauling back driftwood from the beach.

Chee family, thank you for sharing your photos. We are so glad you enjoyed the Bramble Berry House at Seabrook.

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