Posted by: brambleberryhouse | March 21, 2015

We Made it to Our Home Pt. 1

We had a mishap at our home (the boiler blew up – on video (!) – you can watch the video here  to see what drove us from our home-home). The week after the home explosion was spent in relative peace and harmony at a friend’s home. We were so thankful that they opened up their home for us during our transition period. And, while they were wonderfully welcoming and offered to keep us indefinitely, we knew that if we wanted to keep that close friendship that we should probably skeedadle out of there.
And how lucky were we that the Bramble Berry House was there to take us in with its cozy setting, fireplace and trails to explore. The kids were thrilled that our next landing place was this  small little vacation home, fully furnished, on Washington coast in thetiny little faux Martha’s Vineyard type town of Seabrook.
It’s right by a typical Washington state beach (sandy, yet cold and windy in March). It was the first time that Lily had ever been to a beach (!) and she jumped in (literally and figuratively) with both feet. It’s hard to believe that she is almost two years old yet hadn’t made it to the Bramble Berry House =) It turns out that all things can be seen as a blessing – even a little home explosion.
It was gratifying to see Lily just throw herself whole-heartedly into messy, cold, wet play. She had no fear of the water. Jamisen also proved to be quite an explorer with forays into and over streams and wandering down the beach by himself. We were delighted that we had sun, even though it was March. It really wasn’t that cold!
Our 3-almost-4 year old loves to build too. His sandcastles were complete with moats, imaginary windows and stories.  He was marginally thankful for Lily’s help with these sandcastles but was more possessive than anything.
The pool at Seabrook; really, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how awesome it is that there is a heated pool and hot tub just a block from the Bramble Berry House. The kids loved swimming – or rather, sitting in the hot tub – almost daily. Lily got in the big pool but quickly decided that her brother had the right idea with his plan to sit in the hot tub! The week went by pretty fast and we were excited that Grandma Faiola was around to help (a lot!), driving over 90 minutes one way, multiple days to support our family. It meant a lot to all of us to have that family support during our transition time. And most importantly, we were so ecstatic to have such a soft landing to go to after our home-home had such a surprising forced remodel.

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