Posted by: brambleberryhouse | May 29, 2015

We Made it to Our Home Pt. 2

We had such a lovely 2 weeks at Seabrook.  The kids LOVED the beach. Like, love, love, loved it. And we loved the walkability factor (and, the new wine bar).

There was this amazing tree house right down the road from the Bramble Berry House that the kids enjoyed playing in, complete with a peekaboo window for the kiddos to show their happy little faces out of. We went there every single night after dinner and it was such a sweet “Let’s look for fairies and sprites!” adventure every night.

Lily loves to drink tea, asking for it if she sees anyone drinking out of a mug. She was super excited by the tea selection I purchased at the Market at Seabrook. They carry a few brands of high quality tea and it was such a treat to taste new ones.
We brought a wagon to Seabrook and the kiddos loved being rolled around the adorable little town, looking at the sights and trying to find the “hidden caboose” (the main feature of one of Jamisen’s storybooks). We loved it so much that we left it at The Bramble Berry House for all the families to use! =) Enjoy!
We spent a LOT of time trying to find that hidden caboose (from a popular childrens’ book)  literally, days traipsing through the entire community, looking under logs and covering a lot of ground trying to find the hidden caboose. We never did find it but it was sure fun to try. It was especially fun to explore in the back up by the  horse barns because the kids were big fans of all the animals there, including the baby rabbits.
Jamisen and Lily soaked themselves daily at the beach, building moats and learning the basics of building the perfect sandcastle. After the first couple of days, they did a fairly decent job of being teammates, rather than little fiefdoms fighting for supremacy of the sand fort.
We had mostly good weather – a few Washington-state misty rainy days but for the most part, cold but clear.
We were just a few blocks from a play ground and the kids also enjoyed many hours there. It’s a really big playground and can absorb many children without ever feeling crowded.
We were so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Faiola visited several times, with Grandma driving hours each day to come spend time with her grandbabies.
We did manage to lose Jamisen out on a walk. Thankfully, it was easy to flag down a Seabrook employee who alerted the entire town via walkie talkie, and unleashed the golf-carts, bikes and cars. Jamisen was found a few minutes later, over by the construction site where he had wandered to. It was sure nice to know that the Seabrook team had a clear plan in place for lost kiddos – but I don’t want to ever repeat that again. Phew! Three cheers for the Seabrook team!
I did such a good job telling people what Jamisen was wearing that Grandma Faiola was stopped hours later by responsible citizens asking her if the little boy she was with was really her grandson. True story!
We’ve been back in Bellingham a few weeks now – but are thankful that we had a lovely, fully-furnished respite to go to in our time of need. The kids loved every minute of it.

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