Posted by: brambleberryhouse | October 13, 2012

Settling In

One of the wonderful things about Seabrook is the walkability of the town. Casey and the town designers have thoughtfully planned everything so you can reach every major point of interest within a 5 minute walk. This means there are very few cars on the road – and, it’s easy to walk down the middle of the street like these two happy boys. This is right outside of the Bramble Berry House.
August 2012

The Bramble Berry House is right by the playground (yay!), close to the wonderful trail to the beach (right by the Fair and Gnome town scenes) and two streets over from the new pool. This is on the way to the new pool (perfect for families). The seashell pathways add a nice touch of authentic seatown feel and the weathered picket fences? The most authentic seaside touch ever. Nicely designed, Seabrook, nicely designed.


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