Posted by: brambleberryhouse | August 24, 2013

New Addition to the Bramble Berry House Family

It’s been a while since I was able to post … mostly because we haven’t been able to get away to the seaside and enjoy the wonderful, idyllic Seabrook. And why you ask? Well … just one very little reason:

Happy Family

We have been extremely happy and focused on our expanded family. Jamisen, Lily’s older brother, is just starting to get used to his baby sister but she’s around for all of his big adventures. We tell them they are ‘Team Jilly’ (Jamisen + Lily) and hope that they grow up being the best of friends.

Team Jilly

In the midst of all of this, Chris trained for, and completed, a triathlon.

Chris Rockin’ the Finish Line

We have been so happy that the Bramble Berry House has been filled all summer though. It’s great to see families enjoying lovely Seabrook and we know that we’ll be there soon enough … as soon as baby sister Lily can go longer than 2 hours without eating.

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